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10 Things You Must Know Before Developing A Mobile Application

According to statistics in 2020, more than 2.87 billion people use smart smartphones and this will increase rapidly in the coming years. This is a sign of strong development of the information technology industry, many businesses are taking advantage of this trend to develop mobile apps for their brand.If you're a business owner planning to develop and design a mobile app to appeal to existing leads and close customers, let you discover 10 things you must know before developing a mobile app for your business.


1. Foundation

The goal for your application is to reach and conquer users who choose to use your service as much as possible, so choosing the right platform is the key to your application's success. To determine the best platform for launching your mobile app, make sure to consider different aspects, such as your target audience or the country where you plan to release your final product.


2. Combined or native application

Combined applications are web applications in native browsers developed using CSS, HTML, Javascript and belong in a native application.

Native apps are smartphone apps specially developed for Android and iOS.

Currently, combined applications are trending upwards in popularity because the advantages of using them are superior and more convenient.Therefore it is necessary to consider in the development stage.


3. UI / UX design

Designing UI / UX is one of the most important stages in the app development process, as users are interested in an eye-catching interface and are easily attracted and retained by a design mobile app with a unique, different, excellent, modern design. If you want your mobile application to be successful, let you go the extra miles to make both the User Interface (UI) and the User Experience (UX) as great as possible.


4. Icon design

With a serie of mobile applications nowadays, it is often duplicated icon designs that are boring, not attractive users. Therefore, when designing the icon of your mobile app, be sure to make that icon unique, easy to see, and attractive so that it stands out from the rest.


5. Target audience

First of all, you need to locate the target audience that you are going to target and you will navigate and adjust your mobile application to their needs and desires. Because the key to successful mobile application development is meeting user expectations.


6. User experience

User experience is very important, you should create informational landing pages where users will be redirected to find out more information about the ads they clicked, not just some generic pages that will cause not just some generic page that will make them regret exploiting in the first place.


7. Fixing regularly

People tend to like the new things, so when you look at something for a long time, it becomes boring and less interesting. Now a lot of different applications and a wide range of mobile applications compete with your brand. Therefore, you need to add interesting features to your mobile application and update the new interface to attract users when they use it.


8. Marketing strategy

To make sure that your target audience knows about your upcoming app, it's important to start app marketing at least 2- 3 weeks before launching. That way, you can generate much-needed buzz, which will help your mobile app get the mass response to launch successfully.
Especially during the implementation process, you also need to do marketing and marketing on social networking channels, to increase curiosity and attract customers to your mobile application.


9. Testing the application

A mobile app filled with bugs and annoyances can lead to a bad user experience, so make sure your app goes through testing before you release it to the open market.

Mobile application testing early will help you identify problems and troubles that are occuring, and offer solutions to improve and fix before releasing in order to bring the best application for users. .


10. Development method

There are many different approaches to develop mobile apps and have their advantages and disadvantages. To maximize your advantage, you should follow a growth methodology based on the quality of available resources.

Above are 10 things you must know before developing your mobile app, we hope the above information is useful to you. If you are interested and want to build and develop mobile applications, please come to Zin Pro - mobile app development company in Vietnam.

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