Medical App Development

Clinic Online App

Are you looking for integrated management software to effectively manage your healthcare clinic. ZinPro provides clinic app design service - software that can handle treatment planning to payment, including appointment booking and medical imaging integration.

Why do you need to design a clinic app?

Smartphones are now part of everyday life. Hospitals can also take advantage of this and actively incorporate a comprehensive intelligent system into the daily life of the hospital.
For example, the clinic app ensures efficient communication between clinic staff, digitizes heavy-duty specialist documents and instructions directly at the bedside, and allows patients to receive quick and accurate treatment through their cell phone use.

Operating the instruments and accurately interpreting the results can also be simplified with our clinic app.

How can we help clinics?

Zinpro design clinic app - A digital companion for your patients.

  • Simplify communication with your patients and deliver your information, offers and recommendations in digital form.
  • Your patients will find everything they need on their own smartphones, tablets and laptops: A to Z information, maps, addresses, phone numbers, meal plans , checklists, daily program, tips for excursions, general condition as well as tips for fellow travelers and much more.
  • Promote the latest offers, services, and information and tips through push messages or write to your patients in chat.
  • Your patients expect your personalized messages and easy updates through the clinic app. Whether before, during or after their stay - with your clinic app or hospital app, patients can design their daily lives more independently and thus make their work easier. your team easier.

ZinPro's clinic app

Our app is useful for patient record management, diaries with support for appointment booking and availability search, billing integration with insurance network or even analysis of practice records by specialty and treatment category.
Healthcare managers can now count on a management tool that allows them to maximize the quality of care delivered while optimizing their financial and human resources.

  • Information pack about clinic or hospital and region
  • Allows you to send chat and push messages
  • Drive mobile inquiries about services and offers
  • Enables patients to better plan their daily routine at the clinic
  • Make your job easier and reduce questions, calls, emails and waiting times
  • Stay up to date with simple editing
  • Available as an app and on demand, as a progressive web app (web version)

ZinPro provides medical app design services, especially suitable for rehabilitation clinics, hospitals, medical centers and medical healthcare resorts. For more detailed advice and support, please contact Hotline: 0835-299-922.

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