Discover Top 7 Most Convenient Online Payment Applications Today

Currently, there are many online payment applications that converge many smart features and utility functions in parallel with many attractive incentives for users. So let's discover the Top 7 convenient and most popular online payment applications today!


Momo wallet app - recharge & payment

Momo e-wallet is a super smart and convenient online payment application that helps consumers pay and transfer money with just one touch. This mobile application has attracted more than 23 million users using it daily; people can rest assured to pay, transfer money anytime, anywhere. In particular, customers receive many attractive incentives while using this e-wallet technology application.

Outstanding advantages of momo online payment app:

  • Transfering money fast, receiving money instantly.
  • Deposits receive extremely high profits.
  • Super economical phone top-up, deep discount.
  • Paying all bills at your hand: electricity, water, internet, insurance, installments, consumer loans, .. bill saving service and super smart debt reminder.
  • Booking airplane tickets, hotel rooms, trains, cars super fast.
  • Optimal safety, security.



Zalopay is a familiar mobile app that now supports users to transfer money conveniently instantly; you can pay for daily utilities in just 2s; money transfer with 3 super convenient ways to transfer money in zalo chat frame, interbank money transfer, money transfer via zalopay wallet. 

Zalopay - online payment application is popular with families, users and receives many positive reviews for its beautiful, easy-to-see, easy-to-use, feature-rich, user-friendly application...

Outstanding advantages of zalopay:

  • Diversified payment, countless attractive incentives.
  • Ultra-fast money transfer at your hand.
  • Good safety, security.
  • Manipulation is simple and fast.
  • Caring support service is dedicated.



Shopeepay e-wallet is a new online payment of shopee helping user pay bill anytime, anywhere and receive offers everyday to gain hot deal easily.

Shopeepay is one of the top 5 most popular financial applications today and is highly appreciated by experts with its beautiful, convenient, smart and user-friendly interface.

Outstanding advantages of shopeepay app:

  • Paying on shopee very fast.
  • Paying for nowfood is easy.
  • Top up cards directly, quickly and conveniently.
  • Scanning QR to pay at convenience stores.
  • Banking links are safe, secure and fast.
  • Booking tickets, paying a variety of air tickets, watching movies, vietlott tickets,...



vnpay e-wallet is an online payment application with many outstanding utility features with 100,000+ payment acceptance points of vnpay QR code across the country. Supportting consumers to pay is easily, quickly and securely.

Outstanding advantages of vnpay:

  • Opening wallet for family and easy management.
  • Convenient, super-fast payment with a variety of service bills.
  • Supportting timely payment: travel, dining, shopping services.
  • Smart app with overwhelming offers.

The vnpay-online payment application is popular and used by many people every day, brings extremely high payment efficiency for homes.


Mobifone pay

Mobifone pay is an electronic wallet developed by Mobifone Telecommunications Corporation in Vietnam which is the most popular. Online payment app supports customers to make online payment transactions easily, safely and quickly.

Mobifone pay app is positively rated by users as a super convenient, friendly, easy-to-use application, creating peace of mind for customers when reloading and paying.

Outstanding advantages of app:

  • Diverse payment.
  • Free deposit, transfer, withdrawal.
  • Absolute security.
  • Operation is simple and fast.
  • Lots of attractive offers for customers every day.



Paying online or offline certainly people cannot ignore ViettelPay e-wallet. This is a digital financial ecosystem developed by Viettel Digital Services Corporation that allows customers to enjoy hundreds of super smart utilities including payments, money transfers, online loans, lottery payments, and investment, buy insurance,... Customers will receive a series of attractive offers for free transfer, telecommunications discount, electricity and water bill discount,...

Outstanding advantages of viettelpay:

  • Registration is easy, maintenance is 100% free.
  • Available to customers from any mobile network, no bank account required.
  • Super convenient money transfer and withdrawal.
  • Financial utility is super smart.
  • Daily offers for all customers.
  • International standard security, absolute safety, peace of mind when using.



Bankplus is an online payment and money transfer application on mobile phones that is super fast, super convenient, and super safe. Fast transactions is anytime 24/7/365, anywhere, even in urban, rural, highland islands as long as there is mobile signal. Especially, regardless of smartphone or feature phone, users can use the service easily.

Outstanding of bankplus:

  • Automatic payment is so fast.
  • Payment is diverse.
  • Deposit withdrawals at ~66,000 points nationwide.
  • Transfering money by phone number to 40 domestic banks in Vietnam.
  • Transactions are completely secure.

Above are the Top 7 Most Convenient Online Payment Applications Today, which are most popular today. Especially, online payment applications also bring a lot of benefits and profits to businesses that develop and build applications. Zin Pro is top app developer in Vietnam. If you want to develop and design a professional online payment application, please contact hotline +84-835-299-922 for detailed advice.

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