In many ways, e-commerce has proven its dominance in the retail market. The rise of e-commerce retail giants like Amazon and eBay is the best example of this. Retail is one of the sectors accelerating digital transformation the most due to changes in buying behavior and habits of customers. It's time for businesses to come up with a comprehensive e-commerce solution to integrate processes and systems through advanced technologies and platforms. 

E-commerce is revolutionizing the retail industry

Global retail e-commerce sales are expected to exceed $4.5 billion by 2021. Regardless of industry or niche, e-commerce with enterprise resource planning software (ERP) benefits retailers of all sizes. It allows you to sell anywhere in the world, be present 24/7 and drive business growth easily, while reducing operating costs.

According to one statistic, more than 70% of consumers believe that online stores offer better deals than brick-and-mortar stores. this is an unprecedented opportunity to position themselves against the offline competition and gain market share in a booming market.

When shopping online, consumers expect speed, convenience, and personalization. Therefore, it is important to find an e-commerce solution that easily meets these expectations.

The benefits that e-commerce solutions bring to businesses

Reducing operating costs

With e-commerce ERP, businesses save time and money by automating many key business activities such as order fulfillment, invoicing, inventory, and customer management. With e-commerce ERP, businesses save time and money by automating many key business activities such as order fulfillment, invoicing, inventory, and customer management. This eliminates the risk of human error and frees up your employees to focus on sales and business growth.

  •  Quick orders processing and invoicing.
  •  Automatic inventory management.
  •  Error removal.
  • Optimizing working hours.

Driving sales growth

A custom designed e-commerce solution can drive sales growth without the help of a sales team.

  • The online store is always open and ready for business.
  • Multimedia catalog with powerful sales functions.
  • Advanced search filters are sorted by brand, properties, and more.
  • Selling and selling more.
  • Order history and previously viewed items.

Promoting brand awareness

The Internet is the first place consumers look for what they want to buy. Thus, the e-commerce platform becomes the perfect tool to promote your brand.

  • Easy to use search engine optimization (SEO).
  •  Providing replacement products when they are out of stock.
  • Creating a toolkit that groups frequently purchased items together.
  • Email notifications for products in stock.

Capturing customer psychology

Integrating analytics platforms like Google Analytics with your online store brings insights into your customers' shopping behavior to you. This allows you to personalize your store for each visitor (by location, for example), which is harder to do in a traditional environment. By understanding metrics of your customers' online behavior, such as how they found your store, what area they were in, what search terms they entered to find your product, how long they came to your store, the pages they visited, and the virtual cart they have skipped, you can refine and perfect your marketing strategy to the highest degree of accuracy.

  • Getting insights into your customers' demographics and their online behavior.
  • Using a big database to do Marketing and Remarketing.
  • Refining your marketing strategy based on proven facts.
  •  Product performance, average order value, conversion rate, etc.

Approaching new markets

A multisite ecommerce setup allows you to create channels for brands or specific channels for different markets (regions). Integrating your online store with online marketplaces like Shopee, Tiki, Lazada or more broadly, Amazon and eBay allows you to expand your business activities internationally. Synchronize these channels serving different markets with your central e-commerce platform and ERP.

  • Building multiple branded websites as part of your strategy
  •  Integrating your platform with Amazon and eBay and sell there
  • Doing business all over the world
  • Supporting multi-language

ZinPro - Providing customized e-commerce solutions

We provide customized solutions for your type of online business. As a result, businesses can strategically target with the best e-commerce solutions to ensure easy and efficient management of online business operations.

Here are the reasons why businesses should choose ZinPro:

  • Optimizing the supply chain through the integration of mobile services and applications.
  •  Data and analytics allow businesses to better understand customers to drive a unique experience and come up with the right strategy.
  • Creating a multi-channel customer information system by collecting and analyzing data from many sources.
  • Driving innovation to develop your business model in the future with a cloud, on-premises, or combined cloud strategy.
  • Merging offline and online points of sale through the use of APIs to improve user experience and sales profitability.
  • Secure authentication increases trust with your customers or third parties.
  • Doing it quickly to meet the time limit.
  • Integrating IT systems with banks and financial companies to support retail payments and telecommunications operations to improve the multi-channel experience.

In a nutshell, e-commerce structured with an ERP system allows businesses to automate the most time-consuming processes they face when doing online business. An integrated e-commerce platform that synchronizes all products, prices, and customer data instantly from your ERP system, saving working time. Likewise, the entire ordering and invoicing process is automated, so your kernel won't need to duplicate everything over and over again.

Contact us today to discuss the most suitable e-commerce solution for your business. Hotline: (+84)835-299-922.

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