In recent years, education around the world has seen a number of prominent technological innovations, including distance learning, VR (virtual reality) or AR (augmented reality) labs. , IoT (internet of things), etc. With technology covering the education sector, educational institutions are expected to bring unified IT management solutions in line with their technology infrastructure to support learning channels and promote research.

In Vietnam, the digitization of education centers and the transformation of traditional classrooms into smart classrooms through investment in educational solutions and software, specific programs to develop the necessary technological skills of learners are also increasingly concerned. 

Education sector faces digital challenges

Children are recently exposed to digital technology from a very early age. Whether at home, on the street or in the supermarket, from an early age, they are familiar with and use these devices quite proficiently. For schools, this brings many opportunities to pedagogy. Teachers can take advantage of these modern tools to make learning more enjoyable and effective. 


One thing is for sure, the technology tools used in the classroom will multiply as educational software solutions develop. The growing presence of these new technologies in schools will provide students, teachers, administrators, and parents with the tools they need to promote their children's academic success. 

In addition, educational technologies promote collaboration in the classroom. They make it easier for learners to interact when working in teams. For teachers, this tool gives them the ability to monitor collaboration between students and ensure that each of them is really involved in doing homework.

However, there are still challenges that educational institutions face when using ICT tools in teaching and learning :keeping up with the rapid changes in technology. Therefore, some of the weaknesses pointed out are:

  • To manage, monitor, update, and secure campus/classroom assets, open networks, and devices from security incidents.
  • To ensure high uptime and campus/classroom network availability, internal learning portal, and important applications for 24/7 learning.
  • To provide and manage role-based access to student and teacher profiles, learning channels, curriculum, and institutional information.
  • To strengthen protocols to include learning websites and forums and restrict access to social media, entertainment, news, etc.

Digital transformation services - ZinPro's educational software solution

Digitizing education centers is one of the goals of the whole educational community. At ZinPro, we can provide a diverse portfolio of educational software and solutions to realize digital transformation for education centers in our country. Educational digital transformation services allow teachers and students to experience new ways of learning.

Our digital transformation services combine consulting, analysis and training.It also includes tracking and companion services that ensure the achievement of the center's transition is truly successful.

ZinPro offers a wide range of solutions such as: 

  • Pedagogical monitoring software,
  • Solutions for specific subjects
  • Mobile classes,
  • Facilities management applications and data security solutions.
  • Some other solutions such as: meeting room or interactive and collaborative classroom, digital signage solution, interactive screen and video projector …

ZinPro has real expertise in developing multimedia solutions that are turnkey for education professionals and the educational community at large. We also provide you with complete support, including assistance in selecting the desired hardware and software, through user support, including:

  • Maintenance,
  • Offshore Software R&D.

Online learning is gradually becoming popular, educational institutions need to apply IT to provide their teachers and students with richer and more diverse learning resources. ZinPro offers a wide range of educational software solutions that can help you adapt to the growing trend of distance learning while maintaining student-teacher collaboration. 

For details, please contact (+84) 835-299-922.


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