Food Ordering

Food Ordering

Covid-19 has changed the way restaurants operate. It promotes the use of online order management and delivery technologies. Even when food services are reopened with regulations on hygienic conditions and safe distance, contactless ordering and payment technology is still much more appropriate. And the home-delivered food solution seems to have a lasting impact on how customers consume it. To adapt to this rapid change, restaurants are turning to digital solutions. 

The main challenge for owners nowadays is to combine the right technologies together and optimize them according to the business model for maximum efficiency.

Why should we apply the home-delivered food solution? 

In the era of booming technology, providing online food ordering service and home delivery is a smart strategy to attract a wide range of potential customers.

Food ordering service and home delivery is a lifeline for restaurants in this time of crisis. This allows you to limit losses and position your brand in an area that is predicted to grow strongly in the coming years.

The forced closure of restaurants due to the complicated developments of the invisible epidemic makes it a good time for food service businesses to focus on the transformation process to restructure and develop more sustainably in the future.

In which businesses can home-delivered food solution be used?

The online order management system can be used by small and independent restaurants, restaurant chains, cafes and fast food restaurants.In short, any type of food business can offer home delivery.

Another model that can benefit from this home delivery service is an online food business. These people prepare meals specifically for home delivery with delivery services provided by third parties. This form is also quite popular now through food delivery platforms such as Now Food, Go Food, Losip, Beamin…

In addition, the food ordering platform can also be used by large companies that provide home delivery services, such as supermarkets, mass consumption companies, grocery stores and retailers.

What are the benefits of using the food ordering service?

Besides meeting the growing consumer demand and market opportunity, there are several advantages to making online orders for restaurants such as:

  • Staying in touch with your customers;
  • Expanding your customer base, even your basin area;
  • Increasing your sales;
  • Optimizing your production tool: inventory management, limited number of tables (or currently none);
  • Making a difference to your competitors by providing a service that others don't.

Finally, it's also a way to support restaurants during this time of crisis.

ZinPro - Provides online food ordering solutions for restaurants

We provide specialized functions to help you speed up the management time between orders and the preparation of dishes.

Restaurants (and other food businesses) using our integrated online food ordering solution will not have to manually enter online orders into the POS system. The delivery program portal automatically sends all online orders to the point of sale. This saves the restaurant's time and also avoids errors when handcrafting.

In addition, order slips are automatically printed in the kitchen to simplify the ordering process. The online order management system allows restaurants to simply use the software to get an overview of the orders delivered. 

The online order management program also allows your restaurant to easily publish and edit menus across a variety of platforms and locations. Restaurant chains and eateries with multiple branches or franchises can manage their online menus from one place, saving a lot of time. Online integration allows you to control and update the menu without having to do so from each external ordering platform. 

Besides, when your online ordering channels are connected to the POS machine, it will provide you with reports on online sales, separate from restaurant data. Restaurants will no longer have to pull data from all different platforms and combine them manually to make reporting faster and easier.

Inventory management also becomes easier: your inventory is automatically updated in the POS system thanks to the integration of POS and online orders. Out-of-stock products will be detected to remove them from the menu more quickly, avoiding the case that customers order out-of-stock items.

The reopening of restaurants accompanied by health measures (gauge, distance between tables, curfew) will continue to affect the operations of restaurant owners. At the same time, the change in consumer habits towards home-delivered food and home delivery is gradually becoming popular. In such a context, the online food ordering solution is the key for restaurants and eateries to maintain and develop services effectively.

Contact ZinPro via Hotline (+84) 835-299-922 for support.

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