In an age where technology continues to accelerate and break through, it's important for healthcare organizations to be agile, take advantage of this benefit to deliver the best experience for patients and make the right decisions. An integrated, patient-centric healthcare platform dramatically increases healthcare efficiency for your patients, wherever they are. Let's take a look at how ZinPro's healthcare solutions have helped organizations implement digital transformation through integration.

Threats in the medical industry

As a healthcare provider, your first priority is to provide the best possible care to residents and patients. However, tighter budgets, limited resources, complex electronic health systems and slow, outdated processes for clinical forms consume a lot of time.

ZinPro understands the major challenges that healthcare providers face today such as:

Big data management 

The healthcare industry generates huge amounts of information relating to patients, medical centers, pharmacies and the pharmaceutical industries, which need to store, manage and process huge amounts of data with tools and IT on multiple devices. Collecting large volumes of data at high speed is a challenge, as every detail must be stored privately and securely.

Security, data privacy

The healthcare sector has personal and clinical data on a large number of patients (possibly the entire population). This data is very sensitive, as improper use can have serious consequences for individuals. Therefore, the healthcare system must ensure data security, so that only authorized persons can access legitimate purposes related to the health of patients.

Online brand management

Traditional measures to treat patients and provide care and care are not enough in the digital healthcare market nowadays. Patient experience is the main motivation of investments in technology and innovation programs. Most health systems do not have an effective means of capturing patient feedback. 


Several surveys have shown that both consumers and doctors have less trust in advertising and are more likely to seek and follow information from healthcare professionals.

Patient's experience

Patients increasingly expect better quality from the healthcare system they use. Pleasing patients of all ages is a challenge because in this industry, patients are more interested in efficiency, integration with other channels, value-based care than attractive interfaces.

Why should you choose ZinPro's healthcare solutions?

We create business communication solutions and clinical forms management services designed to simplify complex processes, protect against error, and increase patient satisfaction. 

Data collection and privacy

By implementing the most efficient big data analytics solutions, we can easily map data to the right patients so that they come to your healthcare facility and back with effective solutions. Our big data services assist in appointment management, provide secure access to health records and match clinical data.

Focusing on the patient

Our mobile apps help hospitals and healthcare providers solve their biggest challenges. Reducing missed appointments by sending timely reminders to your patients, helping patients with real-time navigation and sending important updates to visitors based on their location in the court home with a push notification trigger.

Human Resource management

Give your employees the digital tools they need to react quickly and work effectively. Create a mobile command center for your hospital facilities and allow doctors and nurses to report incidents. Use mobile scheduling and online consultation tools to help doctors respond more quickly to patient needs. Monitor and prioritize patient flow in the ER with the help of real-time notifications.

Analytics and Administration

Our mobile platform includes powerful management tools to help you monitor content, analyze staff and patient usage statistics. At the same time making workflow improvements based on actionable analytics. Using location analytics generates heat maps, increases efficiency with comprehensive resource management and scheduling tools, and enables third-party software integration to extend functionality. 

Check out some of our solutions:

  • Mobile solution for hospital management
  • Fitness applications.
  • Web and mobile solutions for healthcare.
  • IT software solutions for the pharmaceutical industry.
  • Electronic medical record software
  • Electronic health records
  • Health insurance applications.
  • Clinical management system.
  • Professional nutrition chart.
  • Tracking/healthcare support tools.
  • Application helps connect patients with doctors.
  • Digital wallet.

ZinPro recognizes the great pressures that healthcare organizations are facing to modernize and innovate, while reducing costs and becoming more efficient. Our healthcare solutions allow you to harness the power of data to achieve consistent and scalable results to achieve your business goals. Let you explore our solutions and harness the full potential of your data by contacting Hotline (+84) 835-299-922 today.

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