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The increasing demand for health care that medical staff working in hospitals is limited. Therefore, many hospitals today have applied 4.0 technology solutions to the hospital management process by designing a hospital App to serve people to book exams, receive instructions, directions, update news. and receive notifications as well as track personal information quickly and promptly, bringing convenience to both users and founders.

Design a professional-class hospital app

In the 4.0 era, the development of modern technology has brought people many conveniences, saving time and effort as well as travel and other costs. Medical examination and treatment is a necessary need of everyone, if in the past people had to queue for hours to get a number or wait all day to get medical examination and answer questions. Or the hospital departments have not worked together, procedures are confusing, management is difficult, making work efficiency is not high and cannot ensure to meet the increasing needs of patients.

Now the hospital App is a 24/7 medical care system, providing support anytime, anywhere, at any time, with absolute accuracy, assisting in booking appointments, supporting information search, providing important news. important to everyone quickly and timely.

Some outstanding hospital apps today: vimec hospital app, Hanoi maternity hospital app, market hospital app, dermatology hospital app, medical university hospital app, .. and many other hospital apps many other conveniences.

Features of the hospital app

Management of patient access: receiving patients registered for medical examination at the hospital and classifying patients according to medical examination and treatment needs. This is also a dedicated customer care solution anytime, anywhere, saving manpower costs.

Management of pharmacy - supplies: the system controls the quantity of pharmaceuticals and consumables, can install intelligent and scientific automatic inventory.

Financial management: Receive patient information from the referral clinic, collect fees and confirm collection. In addition, the app manages the collection of pharmacy fees and materials in the hospital.

Medical examination management: Manage patients' medical records: health status, disease diagnosis, vital signs, subclinical indications, prescriptions,...

Management of statistical reports: About the status of registration for medical examination and treatment, the status of patients with daily visits, the number of used pharmaceuticals and supplies, customer debt reports, debt reports with suppliers, Report the amount paid by the customer,...

Find information and directions quickly: The effective search feature helps users find the necessary information through the toolbar, quickly and conveniently with the map on the application.

In addition, the hospital app can program announcements, providing useful information and news for everyone to learn.

What are the benefits when designing a hospital management app?

Designing a hospital management app brings many benefits to the hospital unit and everyone in need of medical examination and treatment, let's take a look at the outstanding benefits:

Help the hospital manage the list of patients effectively

Improve the quality of medical examination services of the hospital

Bring a user-friendly and convenient service

Easily cover everything from a to z

Store huge data information without the need for paperwork

Manage reports quickly and accurately

Zin Pro - Leading Mobile App Creator and Developer

Currently, there are many mobile app design units, but not all units bring a high-class and prestigious mobile application. A smart utility mobile app will bring high efficiency to the development of businesses and bring absolute satisfaction to users.

Why should you cooperate with Zin Pro to design a mobile app for hospitals?

Committed to beautiful, exclusive, user-friendly interface giao

Smart features, complete, scientific presentation ensure to meet the working requirements for medical staff and patients to use

Fast access speed, continuous updates

Zin Pro training guide from a to z.

24/7 support service, warranty and after-sales maintenance

Zin Pro is committed to always side by side with customers, fixing all problems, giving dedicated and positive advice and support. Especially the reasonable cost comes with high product quality.

Let Zin Pro accompany you to design a hospital app today. Contact hotline 0835 299 922 for detailed support.

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