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How Much Does App Development Cost?

Can a mobile application meet three factors simultaneously: growth speed, low cost and quality? What does the cost of mobile app design include and what leverage can we use to reduce budget and development time without affecting the quality of the app after designing?

What does cost of app development include?

It is often difficult to price a specific cost of mobile app development service because the cost of a professional mobile application (custom designed) that includes budgets for implementation and the additional cost of applicaton maintenance.


This includes the definition of the functional scope of the application, the principles of ergonomics and navigation, the preparation of graphic models, and the development of technical architecture.


This budget category includes graphical interface development, data integration, service development, back office connector and IS, securing flows.

In this step, it is useful to rely on an Agile methodology that allows users throughout the development process to accommodate their changing needs.

Project management

This third budget item is essential for mobile app development. The project manager is actually present from pre-sales until solution is deployed to users; Its role is to guide the development team and communicate with your project team.

Testing and accepting the application

This fourth budget item specifically includes unit tests to confirm the quality of the application. These tests are distributed throughout the development process and contribute to the quality of the application.

Supporting for users

This fiveth budget item, sometimes ignored, is important to ensure a good mobile acceptance rate of the targeted users, and this is throughout the lifecycle of the app. It includes actions of communication, training ...

The proportion of the budget allocated to it, varies greatly and can be much larger than the rates shown in the diagram below, depending on the type of action you intend to take.


This cost arises after going into production, this step ensures the application's stable operation and its scalability. Maintenance costs are typically 10-20% of the initial cost of the application (every year). It is important to include this in your budget.

In addition to communication and maintenance, other budget items are calculated by the number of workdays. Most of the cost of a mobile app design service is allocated to the development process itself, as shown in the above sections.

How to save costs without affecting the quality of the application?

This is the question that any professional app development company is directing towards. Customers always aim for the following criteria: cheap and high quality. So, what levers can companies use. 

The biggest budget item is growth. As we just saw, can we save development time? This will actually reduce the number of days of project management and testing, and therefore the cost of your mobile application will be cheaper.

So what are the ways?

Let's focus on the main functionality of your application. Accordingly, the specifications that comprise an ideal “shopping list” rarely take into account existing budgetary or planning constraints. Reducing the scope of functionality reduces development costs and time.

By prioritizing features in the scoping workshop, we quickly realized that the MVP (Minimum Viable Product) included the main and essential features of the application, enough to meet the expectations' users.

Keeping other functions for later versions is a good strategy, especially when in use, different needs may emerge.
Determine the real added value of certain complex functions (security, announcement, connection to an information system, use in disconnection mode ...). Indeed, complexity does affect development time.

So it's interesting to question whether some complex features for development are necessary? What can we do without it?

What is the level of development construction required? (graphic rules, ergonomic constraints, animations, navigation elements ...). The more complex and personalized the design is, the more development it requires.

Remember that design represents 15 to 20% of mobile app development time. In the case of a professional mobile app for corporate employees, we often find that a simple and efficient app design attracts users faster than the advanced design. As a result, we can achieve growth and cost on this station.

Hybrid development or native development:  native development means doing specific application development for each operating system (iOS, Android, Windows), which incurs additional development costs. In contrast, hybrid development allows development efforts to be pooled because applications that work on each operating system use the same code.

Of course, the end goal should be quality because this is a prerequisite for maintaining user engagement, throughout the life of the application. If you are looking for a unit that specializes in mobile application development, please contact ZinPro - top app developer in Vietnam via Hotline +84-835-299-922.

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