ZinPro will be the perfect logistics partner if you are looking for an efficient logistics solution to tackle complex logistics including planning, warehousing, control and fulfillment, logistics management, from the starting point to the ending point.

Benefits of logistics solutions

Distribution is increasingly complex and poses real challenges for businesses. Customers have higher expectations than ever. While profits are getting tighter and competition is fiercer. Therefore, there are no errors in your management and operation processes. Logistics solutions of ZinPro help you achieve the best possible level of performance, accuracy and visibility. From receiving, picking up goods to shipping and delivery, you'll benefit from distribution and warehouse systems which are connected more efficiently.

The advantages can be mentioned as:

  • Receiving and storing orders more efficiently;
  • Receiving orders and shipping quickly and accurately;
  • Loading the truck and the shipment without errors;
  • End-to-end, real-time visibility of orders and deliveries;
  • Flexible order processing;
  • Streamlining return procedures reasonably;
  • Managing workforce better;
  • The technology is compatible with your existing systems and scalability as needed.

ZinPro provides complete logistics solutions

ZinPro provides complete, fast and reliable logistics solutions that ensure end-to-end visibility of your supply chain. From there, businesses can improve the efficiency of the receipt, delivery and reverse logistics processes. Our specialists can seamlessly handle any logistical request, regardless of type or size of shipment.

Efficiency throughout the supply chain


Selecting orders faster, without errors

  • Upstream logistics control
  • Improving selection accuracy and efficiency
  • Making sure the shipment is error-free


Completing delivery and always being on time

  • Proof of delivery and receipt
  • Management is back
  • Tracking vehicles and cargo
  • Direct delivery to the store and mobile sales

Reusable asset management

Full display of reusable assets

  • Tracking and managing asset throughout the Supply Chain
  • Payments for damaged or missing items
  • Reducing excess stock
  • Asset lifecycle monitoring and cleaning cycle control

End-to-end visibility and traceability

Thanks to our end-to-end solutions, you will always be informed of the progress of all activities, no matter where, when or who is involved. Real-time alerts will inform you about whether to implement the right procedures or not, so that you can react quickly and avoid problems. The information is presented as detailed reports on your tablets, smartphones and workstations.

Scalable and integrated approach

With scalable logistics and distribution solutions, you can start small and then add functionality as needs change. Our logistics solutions integrate with major ERP, WMS and TMS systems. They complement functionality to existing systems to provide the visibility and traceability you need for a fully connected Supply Chain. 

Why do customers choose the logistics solution of ZinPro?

Our solutions will help you create a safe and smooth, professional system.

Simplified IT system

Our system integration experts will help you extend the functionality of your existing ERP, WMS or TMS systems. Thanks to our mobile application management platform, you will be able to manage your entire mobile infrastructure through a single platform. 

Unique and effective solution

ZinPro always uses the best technology, plus solid expertise, our solution ensures the most unique and suitable for your supply chain. 

Transparent service contracts and flexible support

We provide you with ongoing support including consulting services, project management, outsourcing services, repair and maintenance services…

Whether you operate a manufacturing warehouse, manage a distribution platform or have a network of distribution centers, our logistics solutions can help you. Find out how we can help you optimize your operations HERE or contact Hotline +84 835-299-922 for assistance.

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