Medical Website Development Trends Today

The development and promotion of the clinic's website is also constantly changing, new trends and fads appear. It won't be possible if you don't follow the requirements of time. So let's take a look at the trends in medical website development in 2021.

Content-oriented development

A good website attracts visitors not only with its visual elements but also with its content. This is not an entertainment portal. Our goal is to make the patient interaction with your clinic as efficient as possible.

The app development should highlight key aspects of your quality content, which may include helpful prevention tips, accessible medication descriptions, medical history, and more.

Simple and short

The user interface should be simple and friendly.Simplicity and emphasis on content is really important!So you should remove all unnecessary elements and make the rest as simple and concise as possible.

Medical website development is a guarantee of efficient use of resources. The main reason for this is that patients today prefer to use mobile devices to browse websites. They read on the go, not at home. Mobile sites should be simple and fast to load - there's no room for unnecessary details.


Remove search and navigation tools

If a person has visited a medical organization's website, they are probably looking for important information. This means that you must provide a user-friendly and ergonomic navigation bar. Don't force guests to search for appointment templates and expert appointments.

In this regard, one of the new website development trends is the movable navigation bar. It will track the user as they scroll down the page (instead of constantly at the top of the page). This trick greatly improves the user experience.

Animated and interactive elements

The trend of using animation in web development started a few years ago and it is still relevant in 2021. Most likely, interaction development will expand its application range, move to more complex images other forms of animation.

Small animation elements work well with other medical web development trends and enhance the entire user experience with healthcare facilities when searching for information or services.

Wallpapers and videos

Along with the growing role of animation elements, big-screen photos and videos have also become one of the new trends in the development of medical websites.

Video provides web resource dynamics and allows you to immerse users in the story you've written so they can participate in company events on their own.

Of course, a medical website needs to be very careful about this trend.It is better to choose professional UI/UX designers who find the intermediate point and come up with the right way to impress your users without risking overwork.

Neutral, soothing colors

Medical marketers know that neutral, gentle colors are best suited to hospital patients and pharmacy customers. They inspire more confidence than colorful colors.

Therefore, it is best to leave bright colors to online stores with flashy price tags and seasonal offers. Mellow natural palettes are increasingly being used in the design of hospital, clinic and laboratory websites - this is an important decision.

Original image gallery

Today, many medical websites look the same, like twins, and the main reason for this bad taste is because the entirely identical sample photo galleries are downloaded from the public photo store.

So, one of the new trends of medical websites in 2021 is unique, professional images, show users the real doctors of your clinic or the happy patients you have cured.

This approach will help personalize your project, giving it a unique touch.

Fonts as a design element

Fashion for minimalism, as well as the technological expansion of mobile devices, has allowed text to become an almost independent design element.

Due to the need to optimize websites for mobile screens, fonts have become much larger: they take up the majority of pages, replacing other elements.

As the main element of graphic development, fonts look good on smartphones and tablets. They directly send the message to the user.

Here's the key to a really good medical website development: nothing distracts attention from the information your patients need to receive.

Custom site grid

This is one of the latest trends in medical web development. The fact that website visitors are so accustomed to clear marking has been very popular in the recent past.

The standardized grid has ceased to attract attention. A “curved” (as if “broken”) mesh creates a new aesthetic, and a new mesh always attracts the eye.

Even reputable medical companies in the United States and Europe, worried about corporate identity, are now adopting this approach in a more universal form. Fexample, combining with classic grids.

Fewer pop-ups

This is another trend associated with minimalism and simplicity in design.

Reducing the number of pop-ups that annoy users, trying to find more appropriate ways to approach the patient.

3D panorama

360° panoramas are a great way to show a new OR area or facility in 3D, allowing users to visit the clinic virtually. This creates a very favorable impression.

Availability of web content

Responding to the needs of people with disabilities has become a practical trend in web development, supported by law in many countries.

Many hospitals and medical centers are now exploring the possibility of providing users with equal opportunities to use websites without any problems.

Agreed, it would be strange if hospitals didn't take care of patients with disabilities when creating their own online resources!

Web platform availability is determined by the following four principles: responsiveness, manageability, clarity, and trustworthiness.

Actual data

A website for a healthcare organization is more than just a marketing tool. First of all, it is about helping patients during their treatment. This is why the new website development trend means publishing relevant, honest and useful articles.

What we mean is that information shouldn't just be bare facts. Your patients need a guide that can really tell them about the next steps for which medications to take, which doctor's appointments, which tests, and so on.

Intuitive perception of information

While discussing web development strategies, we talked a lot about images.

This paragraph summarizes all of the above: the information must be easy to feel and therefore easy to visualize. After all, this is how we, humans, perceive the world.

Clean page design, large fonts which patients won't be confused.

Sincerely care about the user

The importance of a website development service can be summarized as follows: a medical website should be aimed at the user (equivalent to the patient) and his personal needs.

We have been developing medical websites on 1C-Bitrix for a long time and are able to provide proven effective techniques.

Medical application development

Remember, healthcare apps are the future of medicine.

Do you want to create a medical app for your patients or staff? Contact us the cost will surprise you and the results always exceed expectations.

Above are the medical website development trends predicted by leading experts in application development. If you also want to own a professional website for your hospital, clinic, pharmacy, etc., please contact us via hotline +84-835-299-922 for further advice.

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