Mobile App Development Supervision Process

Developing a business mobile app is not simply signed and implemented, as smart investors, you need to understand the detailed development process and strict supervision and control, in order to bring a mobile app system to the highest level. If you are in need of developing a business app, let's learn the process of monitoring the development of mobile app right here. 

Through the process of app development supervision  of the business mobile app below, it will help investors and businesses have an insight into the app development process, this is also a way for you to control optimally and be more assured when choosing to invest in mobile app development in a business.


Step 1: Choose a reputable mobile app development unit

Choosing a reputable mobile app development unit is not easy when there are hundreds of different development units in the market, to make the best choice, you should rely on the following factors for specific evaluation:

  • Learning about business history, development experience.
  • The projects that the mobile app development company has implemented.
  • Detailed app development costs, detailed analysis and clarification of issues.
  • How is the care and consulting service at the development unit.


Step 2: Make development requirements

After selecting a suitable design unit, you need to give the requirements you want for the development unit to propose ideas and develop solutions.

  • Stating your ideas and goals when making mobile apps.
  • Learning how to operate, the implementation process on the app.
  • Checking.


Step 3: Sign the contract

  • Reading the contract of mobile app development carefully.
  • Asking questions that are still in doubt.
  • Signing the contract and pay as required.


Step 4: Design

  • Providing logo, business information.
  • Presenting development interface ideas, making requirements towards.
  • Checking, monitoring, evaluating and revising the app development.


Step 5: Programming Implementation

  • Providing account connection server/ payment gateway, shipping...
  • Creating an account to upload mobile apps.


Step 6: Acceptance

  • Providing product content pictures for testing.
  • App acceptance
  • Error report


Step 7: Publish mobile app

  • Fill in the mobile app publishing request when it is completed.


Step 8: Support care and warranty

  • Getting directions to use the mobile app from the development unit.
  • Reflect when there is an error, when there is a problem.
  • Warranty in the event of an inaccessible problem.

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Above is the process of supervision of mobile app development for investors, mobile app developers. Hope the above information is useful to you, if you have any questions, please contact +84-835-299-922 so that the expert team at Zin Pro can support you.

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