Professional Hospital And Clinic Website Development

A healthcare provider, be it a large clinic or a doctor's office, needs to impress their expertise and interact with patients on site. In today's article, we will share with you our experience in developing professional hospital and clinic websites.


Stages of website development for hospitals and clinics

Overall, the medical website development process is different from conventional web development projects.

The main highlight here is the expertise, reliability of published content, the high quality of each article, each description of the service. It is necessary to sell medical services competently, without obsessing patients and doubting the professional competence of staff.

Therefore, we prioritize the emphasis on medical principles, building patient trust in the facility through professional design and content.

Of course, designers and marketers must delve into this topic for a while and delve into the relevant field of medicine (e.g., urology or dentistry). Equipped with an understanding of patient issues and needs, you can develop websites effectively, inspiring people's trust.

Based on this knowledge, we develop website and are responsible for every detail of your project.

We identify clear information and navigation, the ability to consult online with a doctor, simple and friendly design – all of these are devised from the first days of working on the project.

Key stages when developing a hospital/clinic website:

  • Collecting information about the clinic and research its services.
  • Website design, layout and programming development
  • Filling in professional SEO content.
  • Testing and launching the site.

The most important stage is the accurate collection of information on which depends on the correct and consistent implementation of all other stages. Website filling can continue for a long time, many clinics regularly blog for their patients and continue to promote their brands on the Internet.

Your active participation in the development process and timely approval of articles, functionality and appearance of the pages will speed up the project launch process.


What is important for a medical website?

First of all, we want to tell you that the ideal medical website development is to take care of what users expect from your website development:

Trusting in web resources

None of the elements of the page are offensive to visitors, including the design of the medical clinic website and the way the information is presented.

Website information

It is necessary to provide patients, their loved ones and those who care simply as much as possible with valuable recommendations for solving their problems.

Preliminary acquaintance

Patients must view detailed and reliable information about the clinic and its doctors on the medical website before contacting the doctor.

Easy-to-use interface

Medical websites are often visited by people who have been harmed to their health (eyesight, memory, good motor skills) - making it easy for them to navigate the pages.

This is really important and we will discuss accessibility in more detail after we talk about specific trends in website development and promotion of medical websites.

Mobile version of the site

We focus on developing the mobile version of the resource, which is adapted for any device on iOS, Android...More than half of the hospital's website visitors use smartphones and this needs to be taken into account.

Medical marketing tools

We strongly recommend using special marketing tools to promote the resource. Let's say, promote your website on social media, increase user's interest with finely curated materials.


Basic functions of hospital and dental websites

As mentioned, a rich feature set is key to a successful website. Therefore, be prepared to provide the patient with the following information.

Full contact details

The most important thing is to make communication accessible and easy to understand. Patients do not have to spend another second to find the phone number, room number of the clinic. When it comes to health, timing really matters.

Clinic location 

“How to find a clinic?" Or many other similar questions are asked by patients, especially those who do not know the city well. Therefore, your medical web resource should show the path to your organization with an interactive map.

Basic service

The medical website template should clearly indicate what services you provide and - preferably - the estimated price of the services. This will save time for all parties involved.

Online doctor consultation

Website visitors (possibly your future patients) can consult with an online doctor first. The effectiveness of this service will increase if you have a well-known expert on the web.

Online appointment

The clinic's modern website is more than just a business card. This is an interactive tool by which prospective patients choose who are worthy and save their invaluable time. The online appointment booking function is required.

Detailed information about the doctor

If you want to attract as many patients to your clinic as possible, you need to make a compelling case. And one way to do this is to provide your visitors with detailed information about their doctors, experiences, achievements, certifications, and awards.


In marketing, there is such a thing as "social proof". Think of queuing at a pharmacy or a store: sometimes customers are more willing to follow someone's recommendation than the advice of a bar specialist.

Your patient's success story is on the website.It's a powerful way to convince visitors that it's better here.Every doctor in fact has some almost miraculous cures – you can back them up with photos or "before" and "after" CT scans.

This approach will bring your potential patients confidence and hope.

Call to action

What is the purpose of developing a hospital or doctor's office website? Express yourself? You might want people to contact you, take some targeted action (register, book an appointment, online consultation).

Make sure to provide a clear call to action. But remember: a medical website should not use overly annoying or noisy marketing methods. Your web design doesn't have to be intrusive. The only way is to advise carefully.

Patient blog

Diversifying the content with interesting information on your topics news from the field of medicine, useful advice, description of different treatment options for a particular disease. Of course, the quality of the published documents is very important, as is their reliability and science, based on the evidence. 

Patient testimonials

Is the patient satisfied with the prescribed treatment? Not all of course, but let customers share their opinions on the pages. Positive testimonials from people are another type of social proof that will convince others to come to you to solve their problems.

Bad reviews are also useful: they will help you adjust your strategy in a timely manner and avoid similar situations in the future.

Naturally, we are only talking about the important functions of a medical website.

In the process of developing your project, we will work together to figure out the best way and time to use each technique. The main thing is a user-centric website. Choose ZinPro's hospital and clinic website development service by contacting hotline: +84-835-299-922 to share your ideas with our app developers.

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