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Realty Website Designing

The website represents the values ​​of the company, demonstrates the know-how and competence of its professionals and sets the stage for differentiation from the competition. According to statistics, about 90% of real estate searches start on the Internet. Therefore, designing real estate website has become essential for professionals and businesses operating in the real estate sector.

Why need real estate website design?

Website is a true digital showcase for a real estate agent, real estate website design allows you to highlight your know-how, advertise real estate and services (rentals, sell, manage), thus facilitating the display of your offers to potential customers and targeted customers.

Website is personalized in your images, your website should be optimized for mobile and tablet use and enable effective SEO strategy execution.

Real estate website design services in Zinpro

Design a custom real estate website

Whether for real estate agents, independent agents, agency networks or property developers, in residential or commercial real estate, we provide you with web solutions. "Turnkey" is tailor-made that corresponds to your budget and your goals for real estate services, offers and operations.

We design and manufacture custom real estate websites, compatible with any device (computers, tablets, and smartphones).

Aesthetic and efficient real estate website

Your website faithfully reflects the identity of your agent or network. It should be the extension of your real store facade.
Our designs faithfully reflect the spirit of your company. It becomes an extension of your real storefront.

Every detail is researched during the design of your real estate website for unique rendering: visual impact, ergonomics, information access, download speed ...

Functions tailored for a real estate website

In order to stand out from their direct competitors, the experts at Zinpro strive to provide as much information as possible as well as appropriate functionality for your website:

  • Slideshow, photo gallery (interior, exterior, environment ....), video
  • 360 ° virtual tour
  • Fast and intuitive multi-criteria search engine (property type, location, price ...)
  • Highlights favorites from a wide range of properties for rent or for sale
  • Ability to memorize a variety of announcements
  • Email alert module allows visitors to automatically receive new agency-published ads that match their search criteria.
  • Property mapping (Google Maps geolocation)
  • Ability to download detailed ads in PDF format (create "fast" in real time, from information from a database)
  • Implement automated portals to export published ads on your site to ad sites
  • A financial tool to calculate the ability to borrow, notarization fees ...
  • Contact form
  • Share via social networks

The optimized real estate website ranks well on Google

We value editorial and image quality as well as the visibility and positioning of your website on search engines, by implementing natural reference methodologies and techniques (SEO).

That way, Internet users looking for a property to rent or sell may find you.

ZinPro provides customized real estate website design services, ensuring the website you own is unique and directly supporting your business, promoting the image of your business. For detailed advice on design packages, please contact us via Hotline: 0835-299-922.