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Some Common Mistakes When Uploading App To Appstore

What are some of the mistakes to avoid in the App Store? Many people who put the app on the Apple App Store have been denied publication.This isn't a topic that's talked about frequently in mobile development, but you should know that Apple manually checks the activity and content of all the apps included in the App Store. In this article, we'll explain to you 5 common mistakes to avoid when publishing apps. 


How to publish apps on the App Store?

Before talking about common mistakes you can make, let's learn how to publish an app on iOS. Here are the quick steps to follow:

  1. Application code
  2. Create apps on App Store Connect
  3. Fill in the Apple App Store form
  4. Suggest version (“Build”) in App Store Connect
  5. Send verification

To get started, you must create and code your application, whether it is with Ionic or another development tool.

The next step is to create a new app in Apple's app management interface: App Store Connect. On this website, you manage your apps on iOS, Apple TV or even Mac OS.

You can then add the app's icon and all the useful information for its presentation on the App Store.

Once you've added all the information which is relevant to your app and downloaded the app's presentation image, you can skip adding the version.

From Xcode, you can create a version that will be broumght to App Store Connect from the internet. You must repeat this operation for each new version or update.

From App Store Connect, you can choose one of the versions you've previously submitted. After selecting the version, you can submit Apple verification.


What is the App Store's criteria for authenticating an app?

The content of an application is the main validation criterion.

When submitting your app for Apple's verification process, here's what Apple looks at in your app:

  • Content type (violence, drugs, sex, etc.)
  • Commercial content
  • Data management (privacy policy)
  • Application errors and problems
  • App Store files

Specifically, Apple employees will directly install your app on test devices, iPhones, and iPads of all models to perform field tests.

Apple's criteria for validating an app are getting higher and higher in terms of app quality, so here are the key points you need to pay attention to.

Apple basically checks the type of content in your app, obviously all content that mentions drugs, sex and other violent content is prohibited.

Depending on the type of content you provide (eg betting games), the App Store will provide you with an age rating required to access the app.

Apple will then check your App Store list as well as any bugs in your app across different devices. For example, there may be a display issue on the iPad.

Finally, Apple employees will check everything related to data management, whether there are private URLs, etc.


How to definitely pass Apple's authentication?

Here are quick tips that you can refer to:

  • The simplest version at launch
  • No money at the start
  • Connection method by mail
  • Notice the images from the App Store (iPhone X, 6.5, iPad Pro, etc.)

For starters, the best mindset for me when developing an app is to start with the simplest and easiest thing first.

Not only in terms of functionality in the app, but also in terms of your project ambitions. Specifically, you should code the essential facilities of your application first, and when and where you recommend updates.

When it comes to monetization from app, I don't think it's appropriate to start with this right away as you usually don't have a lot of information about your customers.

In summary, ZinPro believes that it should publish the first extremely simple version of the application, such as only one method of identification by email and password.


What are 5 mistakes to avoid when publishing apps on the App Store?

Even a very popular app (TikTok) can be removed from the App Store.

Let's take a look at the most common mistakes when publishing apps on the App Store that you absolutely must avoid. Here is the summary:

  • Logging in Facebook without privacy policy.
  • App Store image does not match the model.
  • Reference to Android or Google Play Store.
  • Linking to pages with commercial content.
  • Main bugs in the app.
  • Using rights and copyrights.

First, Apple has the right to reject an app if it's not good enough.

The second error is the presence of content referring to Android. Apple and Google are in direct competition over their operating systems, the App Store prevents all developers from referring to Google's Play Store or Android, as text, images or links...

The last point is the lack of a privacy policy. This topic is at the heart of today's digital debates, and governments and companies are increasingly demanding more about the management of personal data.

If you use the Facebook API to connect your users, you must provide a compliant privacy policy to bypass Apple's authentication step.


How do I publish my app for the first time?

Check out the factors that can get your app published quickly:

  • Connecting email.
  • Application is simple (less bugs).
  • Don't make money.
  • The app store image is very simple.

With experience in designing and publishing apps on iOS, the experts at ZinPro have summarized some common mistakes when putting apps on the appstore. Hope this article can help those who begin learning to develop app. If you need advice and support, please contact Hotline 0835-299-922.

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