Top 4 Best Live Stream App To Make Money Today

Livestream is one of the most popular trends today, it is a form of communication to connect with people and also a form of sales and introducing services with positive effect. So let's discover the Top 4 Best Live Stream App To Make Money with ZinPro right away through the content below! 


Facebook Live

When it comes to livestream, it can not fail to mention Facebook, which is the most popular social networking platform today and used by many people every day to quickly and conveniently communicate, connect, text, and call. Not only that, the livestream on facebook also brings extremely high efficiency and quickly reaches many people, the level of spread through the built-in comment and share buttons. Therefore, most of the sales business services such as selling cosmetics, fashion, home appliances, electronics, food or financial consulting services, credit, brand promotion are also used livestream to develop.

Some outstanding features of Facebook Live:

  • Online access to facebook users around the world.
  • Convenient features, quick and easy interaction.
  • Easily advertising to reach more people.
  • Following detailed content, using easily.


Youtube Live

Youtube is the most famous and widely used video sharing platform today. Especially live online on youtube also has extremely high coverage, reaches large numbers of users around the world. Therefore, youtubers not only post ordinary videos, but they also livestream to chat, exchange online, interact directly with people. Livestream on Youtube brings very high efficiency in information transmission, increases the level of professional communication, reputable brand. Every day, billions of people visit youtube, so developing a live business on the youtube app is an option which is missed.

Some outstanding features of Youtube Live:

  • Easy access to users.
  • Interacting with your audience effectively.
  • The best brand advertising.
  • Making money from live video.


Bigo Live

Bigo live is an online video social network, an application that allows users to broadcast live every moment, chat with their friends live. This smart app is available in over 150 countries and has over 400 million downloads worldwide. It can be said that Bigo live is one of the livestream apps that attract the most users today thanks to the convergence of many smart features and easy-to-use functions. 

Some outstanding features of Bigo Live:

  • Unique live features: singing, dancing, eating, gaming,...
  • Joining the special live room.
  • Playing live game, PK.
  • Chatting, calling video fast.
  • The app is completely free to use.


Instagram Live

Instagram is an application to share photos and daily news that is used by many people and is chosen by many businesses as an online store to display thousands of products. Instagram Live is also an app that integrates livestream to connect with friends simply and easily, completely free.

Some outstanding features of Instagram Live:

  • Livestream quickly.
  • Easy interaction.
  • Pinning topic simply.
  • Free Livestream App.


Above are the Top 4 Best Live Stream App To Make Money Today, hoping the above information is useful to you. Especially, if you want to develop professional-class mobile phones, please come to ZinPro for detailed advice and receive many attractive incentives. Contact hotline (+ 84)-835-299-922 for the earliest support.

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