Top 5 Easiest Free Map Apps To Use Today

Determining the direction is always a dilemma for most people, so it is essential to map apps / applications to find the way, find the most accurate address. Right now, let's point out the Top 5 easiest-to-use free map apps today!


Google map app

Google map is the number 1 mapping and navigation application today, helping users find their way faster and easier in just a few simple steps. Google map integrated on mobile phone devices is the mobile version of the map app downloaded and used by millions of people every day.

The map system integrates maps of more than 220 countries and territories and hundreds of millions of localities. People can find directions, find addresses, restaurants, companies easily and quickly. Detailed directions with the best time-saving directions, that's why the Google Map App has conquered hundreds of millions of users.

Outstanding advantages of the google map application:

  • The map application/ app is designed to be simple and easy to use.
  • Finding your way very fast.
  • Online and offline operation is super smart.
  • Close-up view ensures easy recognition.
  • Using the app is completely free.


Vietnam map app - VN directions

Map app is smart, convenient to help you navigate quickly and easily at your hand and insight. With an easy-to-see, easy-to-use, friendly interface that facilitates users to use and experience an impressive way.

Outstanding advantages of app:

  • Map data is taken directly.
  • Map of Vietnam is accurate, comprehensive.
  • Voice-guided GPS navigation.
  • Vehicle directions and maps.
  • Street view and indoor photos is for restaurants, museums and other places in detail. 


Zenly app

Zenly is one of those apps that maps directly to your friends and family. Super special application and many unique smart features should be used by millions of people around the world.

Outstanding advantages of zenly:

  • Seeing exactly where your friends are.
  • Knowing when your friends run out of battery.
  • Seeing how long it takes to run to them.
  • Gathering friends on the home screen.
  • Reviewing the places you've been.
  • Zenly app is completely free with no ads.
  • Using flexibly, feeling love everywhere.

Making sure this is the most effective and convenient way to map love connection between family and friends.


Goong app - map & direction

Goong is a smart, convenient, accurate navigation map app that helps people move safely, save time and optimize costs. Goong app is popular and used by many people every day.

Outstanding advantages of app:

  • Voice satellite navigation with extreme accuracy.
  • Continuously bringing early warnings to users of traffic jams, dangers, sharp turns, signs, speed limits,...
  • Meeting the needs of searching for public places such as ATMs, gas stations, supermarkets, hospitals, repair garages.
  • Sharing locations to everyone quickly and easily.
  • Completely free.



This is a detailed, fast, offline mapping application used by more than 140 million users today. Using navigation to drive, walk, cycle around the world with ease helps save time, plan a scientific trip; with tons of super smart features.

Outstanding advantages of the application/map MAPS.ME offline GPS map:

  • Saving mobile data, no internet required.
  • Travel guide at your hand.
  • Unbelievable detail.
  • Fast and reliable.
  • Updating and security, safety are optimal.
  • Finding your way, finding places, finding rooms are super easy.

Above are the Top 5 Free Map Apps Easiest to Use Today, if you do not know the way, do not know the direction, want to travel, visit anywhere, you cannot go through these smart mobile applications. 

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