Top 7 Features When Developing An E-Payment App

Many payment apps on smartphone have appeared that allow you to refund your friends with a simple scan of a QR code on their phone, without needing to pull out a bank card. To sign up for payments or access certain websites with an password is extremely secure and unique password. That's why online payment app development services are increasingly popular.


Why develop an online payment app

Payment applications or electronic payment gateways are now popular in the world. Contactless payments have become the norm in many urban areas around the world.

Developing an online payment app, also known as an e-wallet, brings a great source of revenue for businesses. Payment applications can be developed to specifications, and there are many avenues for growth in this industry. There are many differentiating factors for payment gateway businesses such as merchant APIs, off-site payment interfaces, etc.

The ability to create separate portals for different functions presents a huge opportunity and the payment gateway market needs new players. In particular, generic payment gateways have been created. However, there is still room for purpose-built and specialized payment gateways.

This lucrative opportunity should not be wasted. Let's start developing your own payment application.


Top 7 features when developing an e-payment app

The following features must be present when developing an online payment application.


Mobility allows users to easily top up and make transactions at their convenience.

Backing up and recovering

Payments app should have backup options to back up transactions. This makes it easier for users to access information in the future.

Bonus points

Bonus points tend to interact and increase customer engagement. This is a necessary feature and you can add as cash points, travel tickets or shopping points.

Budget analysis

It's also a necessary tool that you can add to your payment app as it allows users to track future spending and plan their finances in a better way.

Contactless technology

Contactless technologies such as NFC and QR codes are important for modern e-wallet apps.They help meet the growing demand of users for contactless transfers.


The payment app requires registration to use. An easy and clear path for users to register themselves is a great way for them to get started as soon as possible with your app.


ZinPro - developing a professional, efficient online payment application

If you're still wondering where to develop an online payment app, the reasons below will make you happy and choose ZinPro experts.

Intuitive app builder

You can create your payment app quickly without encryption. The intuitive application building platform makes the whole process easy.

Push notifications

You can send push notifications to your audience. Push notifications are the most important communication channel used by apps and a big experience for consumers. The online payment app development experts at ZinPro know how to make sending push notifications to the entire user base extremely simple.


Supporting the development of multilingual features, which help break down barriers and expand your reach globally, give you an advantage over your competitors.


You can add the e-Wallet feature and create your own e-wallet securely in your payment app. E-wallets help users make extremely simple payments without hassle.

Application analytics

The payment app combines analytics metrics in your app to help you get valuable insights about your app's use and user behavior in the app.These insights can help app owners improve the app user experience and increase engagement.


The online payment app developed by ZinPro is user-friendly with attractive simple and intuitive features and allows users to access the app easily. Not only is the platform user-friendly, but also apps built on the platform are fun to use!


ZinPro adheres to the highest security standards and gives you and your users peace of mind to make transactions.

ZinPro is confident to provide you with the best online payment app development solutions. For more detailed advice and support, please contact: hotline +84-835-299-922.

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