Education Website Development

Training Center Website

Today, education tends to develop strongly. Students are eager to seek: clear and accurate information about all details about their future career or the gain of additional skills for their profile. Therefore, the training center website design service is increasingly interested.

Why create a website for the training center?

Introduce your training center and training course

Whether you offer foreign language training, marketing or even graphic design, it is essential to clearly present the training courses you offer in the academy.

At ZinPro, we work hard to design a training center website to highlight the courses you offer, as well as your specifics, because that's the secret that will power the website. your. Your training center website must be clearly and professionally presented, in order to engage future learners.

Stand out from your competition

Thanks to the Internet, finding information about the various training centers and institutes, switching from one website to another is also very easy. If you create a unique and attractive website, you will attract potential customers and become more prominent than your competitors.

Facilitates registration and contact inquiries

You can integrate different contact request forms or registration forms on your institution's website, to retrieve all of your inquiry in one place. Gives visitors direct contact with your training center and also allows you to guide and build confidence in them quickly.

Creating the website of your training center or training institute will help you to grow your business.

Website design service of the training center of ZinPro

Custom website design

  • Dedicated graphic design for a premium design for your agency (large image, video, 3D)
  • Responsive website tailored for customer mobility (tablet, mobile device)
  • Commitment to your satisfaction

Site manageable and modular

  • A fully manageable website
  • A wide selection of tailor-made modules (intranet, peripheral network, learning fee module ...)
  • A website can expand once it's online

Strategic support

  • Assist on your website structure, presentation of your training courses and your added value.
  • Supports website management and enhances your images on the Internet
  • Personalized training

Optimized natural reference

  • Tips on choosing a domain name and identifying your strategic keywords
  • Technical optimization for your website (improve HTML tags, reduce load times, network links, adhere to security standards)
  • Subscribe to targeted directories related to your training

Affiliate web marketing services

  • Implement web marketing campaigns (email, Google Adwords ...)
  • Content-specific creation strategies in promising segments for your training courses (whitepaper ...)
  • Manage your communities on social networks (publications, feedback for Internet users, etc.)

High performance storage and customer support

  • High-performance storage and high availability (24/7)
  • Customer support at your disposal by email or phone
  • A powerful statistics tool (visits, most clicked links, geographic origin of your Internet users, connection time ...)

If you need to design a training center website to promote your added value and difference to attract students in the future, please contact us via Hotline: 0835-299-922, experts ZinPro's will give you an effective solution.