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ZinPro Completes App Market Home Development Project Early

ZinPro is a top app development company in Vietnam. We have just completed the Market's Home app development project that exceeded the plan to help customers adapt well during the pandemic season and do good business. Market's Home is a beautifully designed, preeminent online shopping application that enhances the consumer experience to help ZinPro's customers optimize the highest sales efficiency.


Introducing the Market's Home app developed by ZinPro

Market's Home is the home shopping application, developed by ZinPro, provides safe, high-quality and diverse foods. We will bring you the idea of ​​a delicious, nutritious, convenient and affordable meal.

ZinPro's iOS and Android app developers with over 10 years of developing custom mobile apps for businesses of all types will give you a personalized shopping experience. Convenient, intuitive and beautiful interface design helps you go to the online market quickly, choose your favorite foods and receive goods at home in just a few minutes.

Convenient, intuitive and beautiful application helps you go to the online market quickly by many different methods:

  • Updating food list, promotion information.
  • Buying food online, choosing the appropriate payment method, shipping.
  • Making a simple, fast and convenient daily menu from the updated list and newsletter available on the app.
  • Many combos are designed to best serve consumers, meeting the criteria of convenience, speed, deliciousness, cheap price and good quality...
  • There are grocery and household stalls serving all the needs of the vast majority of Vietnamese families. Customers can chat, call directly to the store for more detailed product advice.

Utilities for users

Buying and selling clean foods such as meat, fish, vegetables, and fruits that are safe and have provenance at the store. Buying and selling online via the App and delivering to your home.

Main features:

  • Log in/ Log out
  • Account registration
  • Forgot password, change password
  • Search product
  • List, product details, add to cart
  • Search news
  • List, news details
  • Introduction, advertising slides
  • Cart
  • Account information
  • Order and pay for orders (Online)
  • Order Management

Utilities for administrators

Market's Home app allows businesses, supermarkets and clean food stores to make the most of their business advantages, especially in the current situation of limiting social exposure.

Main features:

  • API for the application
  • Admin account management
  • Customer management
  • Intro Slides management
  • Shared category management
  • News category management
  • Product catalog management
  • News, article management
  • Product management
  • Order management, status confirmation
  • Transaction history management
  • Report management, summarize revenue
  • Product quantity management from orders


ZinPro completes app Market's Home development project early to help customers overcome the pandemic

ZinPro is proud to be one of the top app developers in Vietnam. We can provide you with optimal technology solutions to simplify management, increase customer experience and achieve business efficiency as expected.

As soon as we received the Market's Home app development project, our team of developers saw its development potential for businesses as well as the benefits that the completed app product could help people. shopping easier and safer in the context of the epidemic is still very complicated.

Therefore, we have made efforts to complete the project beyond schedule, outstanding quality, unique design, reasonable budget, upgrade support and thoughtful warranty commitment to bring the most satisfaction to our customers.

The product is now available on both iOS and Android app stores. Please visit and download Market's Home app to your mobile phone to make it easier to go to the market at home every day.

IOS download link:

Android download link:

ZinPro is looking forward to receiving your comments and feedback so that we can improve the app even more. If you find the Market's Home app useful, don't forget to share it with those around you!

Market's Home development project has helped our customers increase competitiveness, improve revenue in a professional, modern and more effective form than traditional forms of marketing to develop well during the pandemic. Not only that, the success of this project also shows the app development experience, prestige and vision of the development experts at ZinPro. With professional knowledge and dedication to each project, we are proud to be able to contribute a part of our efforts to the success of our customers.

If you have any questions or are interested in our services, please contact hotline +84-835-299-922 for the most detailed advice.

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