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ZinPro Completes Sales Website Develpment Project For Market

Are you looking to develop a website or an app for your food store? Whether you're launching your first website or want to improve your existing platform? Whether you're a food manufacturer, wholesaler, or food technology company, we can create an engaging design that will most importantly help you grow a web presence that your visitors will love.

Immediately refer to the website development project for Market's Home Joint Stock Company, maybe you will find inspiration. 


A project to help customers make the most of their business advantages during the pandemic season

Android and IOS apps come with the website

ZinPro has completed a development project including mobile application and website for Marker's Home to connect with potential customers. All your website content will be displayed automatically in the app.

Clean food items such as meat, seafood, vegetables and some other products updated every day will suggest healthy, scientific meals, ensuring food hygiene and safety. At the same time, it also shares with consumers useful knowledge about nutrition, knowledge of growing organic vegetables or food processing tips ...

  • Delivering goods to your place.
  • Reasonable price as at market.
  • Secure payment.
  • Returning goods if its quality  is not guaranteed.

The website provides an online ordering system, shipping and home delivery. ZinPro developed a 100% personalized web project from scratch for Markret's Home. Website as an e-commerce site, can be compatible on mobile devices.

With our selection of the best website designs for the food industry, you can choose the perfect platform to create a remarkable food industry blog, regardless of the specific product or service your business offers.

Making your own grocery store website with ZinPro

ZinPro can develop websites for groceries that are compatible with mobile phones and tablets to provide the best possible navigation for your customers. Through this website you can provide a modern and intuitive image to the consumer. All grocer-specific elements are inspired by the business operation you run or aim for. Our developemnt experts research and apply experience from previous projects to give you useful advice.

Custom website development

Bakery, grocery store, grocery store... create your own grocery store website with ZinPro experts. Each design and content is built specifically for your field, ensuring uniqueness, creativity, and impression.

Highlighting the business

Presenting your small business, your products, and even your culinary creations and/or your farm, factory, etc helps visitors see the seriousness and quality of your work.

Uploading top products

Order a list of recurring products from your business or temporary products (e.g., cake of the month, seasonal food list) to attract new customers and encourage your patrons to come back more often.

Customer reviews

Publish customer reviews directly on your website. Let them convince Internet users to visit to buy from them. Nothing will convince visitors to visit your website more than a good introduction, which is essential for all food-related professions.

Blog is clear and transparent

News, promotions, giveaways, events, and more help retain your customers… This will generate new visits and more sales.

Contact forms, subscriptions and newsletters

The editor allows you to create all kinds of customizable forms for contacts, but also offers subscriptions to various newsletters to inform them about your news, promotions, events, yours and stay as close to them as possible.

ZinPro is a top app developer in Vietnam specializing in creating food store websites and, more broadly, catering, with templates, photos, texts, and specialized business functions.Refer to market's home website that has just been completed and contact us today to start the project.

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